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  ABC Animal Bone bioChar: Bio-Phosphate industrial replication franchise model for organic horticultural applications


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Animal Bone biochar (ABC) is a recovered organic phosphorus fertiliser produced from food grade animal bones with the advanced 3R zero emission carbon refinery technology environmental performance. The current investment project is aimed at the implementation of an ABC processing plant hardware installation (full scale industrial replication and production franchise model) and the global market uptake of 3R biochar technology and ABC products.

The ABC project awarded Seal of Excellence quality label from the European Commission. This quality label is a guarantee for investors to find high standard projects from European SMEs with strong feasibility and capacity of development.

We are looking for qualified and solid business partner(s) with proper references for the implementation of Bio-Phosphate recovery industrial replication model in 2017/2018:

  1. 20,800 t/y throughput capacity.
  2. 12,500 t/y output ABC Animal Bone bio-Char production.
  3. External investment need: CAPEX €5 million, OPEX: €1 million year 1.
  4. Sales from year 2-3: €15.6M/year EXW during 20 years life time.
  5. IRR = 20%. Pay back= 3 years.
  6. Industrial installation/operational Authority permits: already available. Jointly applied industrial/environmental/climate protections norms and standards: EU, Australia and USA.
  7. ABC application EU/MS Authority permits: already available (West Hungary).
  8. Market focus: Producer Organizations for fresh fruit and vegetable organic products; adsorbent industry (virgin/regenerated adsorbents)
  9. Marketing and sales: prepared for organic farming/adsorbent sectors.
  10. Full value project insurance and international reinsurance made.

Searchig for: Qualified business partners with references for year 2017/2018 market replication and business cooperation of the 3R technology, developed under EU Commission programmes (2002-2016). Equity investment is searched for the 3R biomass-to-recovered natural fertilizer and biomass-to-liquid bio-fuel green energy strategic industrial programmes, resulting high economical outputs.

Outline that gives the business leading edge: The EU is >95% is importing the mineral phosphate, most MS 100%, mineral phosphate containing Cadmium and Uranium toxic elements. The new EU Fertilizers Regulation revision law harmonization (2018) provides strict safety criteria for fertilizers (including very low Cadmium content), for which most traditional mineral fertilizers cannot meet under market competitive conditions. The new EU concept is to utilize the 2Billion t/y unexploited biomass resources in the EU. Terra Humana Ltd. is the only one vendor in the EU who is specialized on high nutrient dense bio-phosphate recovery since 2002.

Results so far: Nearly €17 million invested for project development 2002-2017, including European Commission co-financed projects since 2002. Successfully development completed and proven demonstrated, full industrialization made.

Status: post development-prior commercialization-no revenues yet.

Future: >30 units of bio-phosphate projects franchised<2025, 15% revenue from each project total sales (possibly through UK registered franchise holding company). Projects in the EU with Σ375,000 t/y output ABC capacity that is equivalent 5% of EU28 total agro mineral P import substitution in short term <2025, from which total ABC substitution potential for organic farming and low input farming sectors is 100%.

The 3R investment is characterized by high return on capital, above average expected growth in revenues and earnings in strategically important key business sector. In all investment phase our work is low risk profile performed and fiscally conservative with offered stability, but still maximizing the gains. The proven and advanced 3R technology opens new technical, economical and environmental perspectives and opportunities. Please contact us for details.

The 3R is a “Product of Europe”,which development is priority supported and co-financed by the European Commission Framework Programme 5, 6, 7 and CIP-Ecoinnovation since 2002 (for more information please visit our 3R PROJECT References site) under transnational scientific and technological development cooperation in eight EU countries and Israel.


You are most welcome for constructive discussions

The high feed flexibility and the diverse/wide range of high quality product strategy make stable and conservative investment portfolio with the following characteristics:

  • Strategic and key important carbon refinery invention, technology and products in the business and market field of addedd value recycling and recovery of materials.
  • EU recognized pyrolysis development.
  • Organic phosphorus recovery from animal by-products.
  • High added value processing of food industrial organic by-products.
  • IPR 20%, rapid bay back and high return with conservative investment.
  • Proven, demonstrated and industrial permitted technology and original solution.
  • Market demanded and wide product adaptation application scenarios.
  • Comprehensive and full scale designed and tested.
  • Despite its advanced performance it does not contain exotoc technical solutions and materials.
  • Economical scale with > 20,800 t/y throughput industrial capacity .
  • Environmental and climate sustainability with zero emission processing and carbon negative  product applications.
  • Clear & transparent IPR (solely owned by the inventor and designer Edward Someus).


... why we need to transform phosphorus use:

  1. Phosphorus is strategic key element of the food crop and animal production in agriculture. NO P = NO LIFE.
  2. The EU is >95% is importing the mineral phosphate, most MS 100%.
  3. The phosphate is recognized by the European Commission as critical raw material in 2014.
  4. Mineral phosphate containing Cadmium, Uranium and other toxic elements.
  5. Growing food demand, growing phosphorus demand.
  6. Finite phosphate: the low Cadmium and Uranium content mineral fertilizer resources already used up and in the future only contaminated resources are available.
  7. Geopolitical risks: imported Phosphate is an critically important issue for the national security already now. All farmers need phosphorus, yet just 5 countries control 88% of the worlds remaining phosphate rock reserves.
  8. An inefficient food system: large amount of P to waste streams, no recovery.
  9. Cheap fertilizer: a thing of the past for farmers.
  10. In the near future very drastic P price increase to come (In 2008 it was >700%).


Please contact us on the following e-mail: or

Skype: edwardsomeus

Call: +(36-20) 201 7557 or +(36-20) 805 4727


Terra Humana Ltd. / COMPANY PROFILE (PDF) / 3R Mission

Terra Humana Ltd. is a technology intensive company playing a leading role in zero emission pyrolysis technology engineering, phosphorus recovery and biochar industrial production. TERRA senior management team having capabilities and highly experienced to develop business opportunity in the agricultural raw material recovery sector.


  • Animal bone BioChar - recovered and high nutrient dense organic Phosphorus fertiliser
  • Bio-Oil renewable pure energy
  • Adsorbent products for water treatment

Owner, Key Technology Designer:  Edward Someus EuroPass (CV)

Carbon refinery, pyrolysis, Phosphorus recovery; bio-oil & synthetic fuel; biochar, Animal Bone BioChar & carbon biotech formulation; NPK plant nutrient recovery and recycling; carbonization processing of food grade animal biomass by-products (bone meal cat. 3, MBM & PAP cat. 3-2-1); and low moisture content manure from herbivorous animals and agro/forest plant biomass residuals

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Terra Humana Ltd.

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