The 3R Pyrolysis Process Competitive Advantages and Characteristics

The 3R pyrolysis and  nutrient recovery technology is an original solution with highly specialized character.

Many known pyrolysis options are different alternative modifications for incinerator or gasification options which modifications are generally experienced not to be functional in industrial scale. Since 1980’s several multinational companies set up traditional and modified thermal treatment programs with different gasification (partial oxidation) and reductive processing design, but many such modification are failed.  The 3R recognition has been the core concept, that advanced and efficient pyrolysis designs must be fully and functionally engineered for the reductive thermal processing conditions only and design elements/experiences cannot truly be overtaken from other types of (incineration and gasification) thermal processing units.

Basic aspects of the 3R Zero Emission Pyrolysis Technology:

  • The 3R is not a modified traditional thermal treatment design.
  • The 3R is a horizontally arranged indirectly heated rotary kiln with material core temperatures <850°C under negative pressure conditions. This original solution is purposely developed for highly efficient indirect heat transfer and maintenance of true reductive thermal processing conditions in vacuum.
  • The true reductive thermal processing environment provides safer, better, faster, less costly and more environmental friendly than any known solutions and resulting high economical added value output products.
  • The 3R is a new generation, proven, demonstrated at high Technology and Investment Readiness Level, comprehensive and original solution.
  • The 3R design does not contain exotic technical solutions and materials.
  • Low operational and maintenance costs.
  • Advanced sealing technology ensures the totally closed and totally safe operation of the rotary kiln.
  • The 3R auxiliary installations are also objective driven developed and designed for the pyrolysis - reductive thermal processing - conditions only.
  • The 3R is a zero emission solution for primary designed applications, where all and any material streams are recycled and reused (e.g. converted into safe and valuable products), same as done by the nature in millions of years.
  • High input feed flexibility that provides a broad range of  sustainable and high value output products with high market demanded performance.
  • Continuous and automated throughput.
  • The 3R is a high efficient energy conversion process.
  • The 3R refining the crude pyrolysis oils into refined biofuel.
  • Modular system.
  • Meets all strict and comprehensive European, Australian and US industrial and environmental norms and standards beyond the year 2020
  • Economy: high financial and non-financial benefits with short pay back time.


3R Key Advantages

The 7 key competitive advantages of our 3R technology over other pyrolysis options:

  1. TECHNOLOGY: revolutionary engineering design original solution for high efficient indirect heat transfer.
  2. LEGAL: fully permitted by EU MS Authorities under strict EU legislations
  3. ENVIRONMENT: Zero emission processing performance.

    Phosphorus recovery from animal by-products.

  5. ENERGY: specific design for energy efficient reductive thermal processing.
  6. INVESTMENT: affordable in CAPEX price and OPEX cost.
  7. BUSINESS: economical & profitable conversion of un-exploited biomass resource streams to board range of sustainable and high value output products (Animal Bone Char, recovered organic phosphorus fertiliser, bio-oil green energy) with high market demanded performance.

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