The 3R Zero Emission Pyroylsis & Phosphorus Recovery Technology

The 3R zero emission pyrolysis is an advanced and added value recycling and reuse of un-exploited biomass for recovery of concentrated Phosphorus and natural Bio-Phosphate products.

In a world with finite resources there is no infinite development opportunity with sustainability, unless circular economy is not fully implemented. In this context there is no one fit for all processing technology or product solution, but still only the high end solutions are viable and sustainable. The 3R zero emission pyrolysis technology provides market competitive and advanced replication model with BAT/BREF (best available technology reference). Recycling of un-exploited biomass resources, such as animal by-products by the advanced 3R pyrolysis technology, generates new resources and added value products.


The objective of the 3R ZERO EMISSION PYROLYSIS PROCESS, NUTRIENT RECOVERY AND RESOURCE CONSERVATION technology is the added value upgrading and valorisation of animal by-products into safe and high value recovered organic Phosphorous fertilizer and bio-oil by integrated thermal and biotechnological recycling means.

The 3R zero emission carbon processing and nutrient recovery understands the language of the Mother Nature and takes lessons from Her. The term waste is unknown in the Mother Nature as all and any materials must be processed, recycled and reused in a most efficient way, as simply no any creatures can afford to loose any available materials. Same as the 3R zero emission carbon processing means a total recycling and reuse of agricultural  and food industrial by-product materials, "the resources", for conversion into high added value recovered organic fertiliser products.  As a result, the 3R zero emission carbon processing, phosphorus recovery and biochar products open new technical, economical, environmental and climate solution opportunities, specifically targeted for the temperate climatic zone countries applications in the EU, Australia, USA and Japan.


3R Phosphorus recovery process:

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3R zero emission technology application map:

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The INPUT FEED STREAMS are low value utilized animal by-products; such as high Phosphorous content food grade (category 3) animal bone grist. The OUTPUT PRODUCTS are high quality and safe "ABC" (Animal Bone bioChar) BIO-PHOSPHATE for wide range of agricultural (recovered organic Phosphorus fertilizer with min. 30% P2O5 content) and environmental (adsorbent) applications.


The specific 3R zero emission pyrolysis and nutrient recovery process is based on a horizontally arranged, indirectly heated revolutionary designed rotary kiln, providing reductive thermal decomposition of any biomass at as high as 850 degree C material core temperature in vacuum. The  zero emission and the highly efficient pyrolysis process add up to comprehensive recycling and the reuse of all material and gas feed streams. The output natural products are tested and validated for open ecological soil applications by the Soil and Plant Protection Authority. Moreover the 3R zero emission pyrolysis process provides high feed flexibility: it's efficient for carbon and resource conversion both for animal by-products and plant based biomass, suitable for temperate climatic zone  applications. Although it's a complex highly advanced and comprehensive performance, the 3R technology does not contain any exotic technical solutions and materials.  

The 3R biomass recycling offers economic viability, generates new resources, produces high market demanded natural products and low cost green energy. The 3R technology also has a great potential for resource conservation, nutrient recovery and GHG emission reduction as well. The 3R pyrolysis process is a patented original solution and industrial design, its development is priority  supported by the EU since 2002. The 3R competitive eco-innovative process and operational prototype at high investment readiness level has been successfully demonstrated (3R Pyrolysis Center) between 2005 and 2019 and scale up for medium scale 2.500 t/y and to next level 2020 is prepared to economical full industraial scale 20,800 t/y throughput.

The new 3R ZERO EMISSION pyrolysis process and NUTRIENT RECOVERY technology opening new technical, economical, environmental and climate protection opportunities. In this context the 3R provides high value financial and non-financial benefits for all stakeholders who are receiving extraordinary values from the reached high level and tangible business objectives. The 3R key performance indicators are impressive and replicable but still conservative estimated, including key elements such as:

  • Commercial implementation of breakthrough, evidence-based, specialized and innovative technology, which focus on cheapening the value chain by reducing the cost and time of water and agricultural related large infrastructural investments. The project is based on large scale EU Commission co-financed RTD projects I have coordinated and implemented since 2002 (trusted EU references).
  • Targeting social and environmental impacts, such as elimination of contamination from food chain and improvement of food safety for less cost, which impacts are well-defined and integrated into the business model and systematically measured.
  • Exceptional team: The management team is experienced and capable with a proven and meaningful track record and focused strategy, able to create sustainable and viable businesses.
  • Financial position: The project demonstrating sustainable growth of the business to deliver impact through a promising and realistic business planning, and a significant growth potential at a relatively modest capital investment, with a realistic exit strategy capable of supporting financial and non-financial returns.

Enhanced economy and competitiveness:

  • Wide feed and technology flexibility, resulting in a board range of end-products.
  • Co-production of refined carbons, biochar products, refined bio-fuels and natural fertilizers (recovered organic Phosphorous and recycled Nitrogen).
  • Integrated carbon refinery and nutrient recovery.
  • Advantageous combinations with biogas and composting programmes.
  • Low investment and O&M costs with high added value production performance.
  • High value financial and non-financial benefits for all stakeholders.



Terra Humana Ltd. / COMPANY PROFILE (PDF) / 3R Mission

Terra Humana Ltd. is a technology intensive company playing a leading role in zero emission pyrolysis technology engineering, phosphorus recovery and biochar industrial production. TERRA senior management team having capabilities and highly experienced to develop business opportunity in the agricultural raw material recovery sector.

  • ABC (Animal Bone Char) BioPhosphate - recovered and high nutrient dense organic Phosphorus fertiliser
  • Refined Bio-Oil for renewable clean energy
  • Adsorbent products for water treatment

Owner, Key Technology Designer:  Edward Someus EuroPass (CV)

Carbon refinery, pyrolysis, Phosphorus recovery; bio-oil & synthetic fuel; biochar, Animal Bone Char & carbon biotech formulation; NPK plant nutrient recovery and recycling; carbonization processing of food grade animal biomass by-products (bone meal cat. 3, MBM & PAP cat. 3-2); and low moisture content manure from herbivorous animals and agro/forest plant biomass residuals

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