Animal Bone Char Product Specification

ABC (Animal Bone Char) BIO-PHOSPHATE characteristics

Phosphorus is the strategic key element of the food crop and animal production in agriculture. Phosphorus cannot be substituted. There are no any other materials with high P2O5 content (>30%) known than apatite minerals from phosphate rocks (but this is contaminated with Cadmium and Uranium) or bone char (that is a natural and pure apatite substance). The low heavy metal content phosphate rock resources are already exhausted on global level. In 2008 significant 700% price increase happened in the phosphate sector and in 2018-2020 additional extreme high price increase to be expected. The phosphate is recognized by the European Commission as critical raw material in 2014 and 2017 (EU COM (2017) 490)  .

The Animal Bone Char (ABC) BIO-PHOSPHATE is made of food grade cattle and other types of bone meals, which is processed at 133 degree Celsius for 20 minutes under 3 bar processing conditions. The food grade animal bone processing outputs are bone meal for pet food, gelatin for human food and china bone material for high quality porcelain industry applications. 


The bone meal from the rendering industry is the input to the 3R pyrolysis process, where the material is heated further up to 850 degree Celsius material core carbonization temperature,that is far higher than usual biomass processing temperatures, but absolute needed to get high quality and safe product. During the advanced pyrolysis (reductive thermal processing) all volatile and protein based substances are removed from the mineral frame, and a highly macro-porous hydroxyapatite (70-76%), CaCO3 (7-13%) and carbon (9-11%) content apatite type mineral material produced.

The specific animal bone char carrier based ABC BIO-PHOSPHATE contains high amount of P2O5 (30%) and Ca (37%) available for plants, which allows efficient, environmentally safe and naturally renewable phosphorus supply. Beside the highly available recovered phosphorus content the animal bone charcoal also contains other important recovered trace elements, and other nutrients, such as K and Mg.
The  toxic elements content of the ABC (Animal Bone bioChar) BIO-PHOSPHATE product approaches the range of non detectable levels.

The ABC-PROTECTOR product is a microbiologically formulated substance, which means that the beneficial natural soil microorganisms are entrapped on the internal and external surface of the carrier. These microorganisms are able to solubilise the nutrients of the ABC carrier and make them available for the plant. These microorganisms can also utilize the chemically bound soil nutrients which are not available for plants. The positive effects of the application of the 3R products are the plant grown promotion activity, natural fertilization and the biopesticide effects. Different types of 3R specific  biochar and mineral carrier composites are available depending on the input material and carbonisation process.

ABC BIO-PHOSPHATE product horticultural application permit number: 02.4/102-2/2015 (original biochar permit 02.5/67/7/2009 issued in 2009 after four years efficiency and safety tests and CLP upgraded in 2015 by National Food Chain Safety Office, Directorate for Plant Protection, Soil Conservation and Agri Environment).


The specific ABC BIO-PHOSPHATE application advantages 

There are two main markets: ORGANIC and LOW IMPUT FARMING, most importantly through Producer Organisations (that is our distribution hub) for fresh vegetable and fruit productions, and ADSORBENT INDUSTRY: supply of specific adsorbents to drinking/industrial water treatment sector, incl. spent ABC regeneration.

The high adsorption capacity for large organic molecules and the unique macro-porous mineral structure provides wide range of bone char applications in the agriculture, food production and environmental sectors, such as:

  • Recovered Organic P/Ca fertilizer
  • Soil microbiological carrier for combined soil improvement, plant growth promotion, organic fertilization and biocontrol.
  • Sugar refinery and de-colorization,
  • Drinking water treatment,
  • High efficient treatment of sewage water, contaminated subsurface water and industrial process water,

The ABC BIO-PHOSPHATE is an speficic formulated, Authority tested and permitted product developed under European Union Programmes.


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