Does it require any any EU/Member State Authority permit to use biochar/pyrolysis material in agriculture?

YES, there is mandatory requirement to get permit from the MS Authorities to commercialize and commercial use biochar/pyrolysis material (both plant based and animal bone char) in agriculture in any production ranges in the EU, which is having three mandatory elements:

  1. Mandatory MS Authority permit to commercial use biochar/pyrolysis material, valid in the applicant MS only with possibility for Mutual Recognition (Reg. EC 764/2008) in EU28. As soon as the revision of the EC 2003/2003 Fertilizer Regulation will include biochar/pyrolysis material (as expected in 2022), than this EU regulation will be valid in all EU28 Member States (EC Fertiliser). In case the MS defined stricter standard than the EC Fertiliser, than this upgraded standard will be valid and applied. Once adopted, it will be directly applicable, without the need for transposition into national law, after a transitional period allowing companies and public authorities to prepare for the new rules.
  2. “REACH” certification (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals[1]) is mandatory for import, manufacturing, placing on the market and use of biochar above 1 t/y capacity (1 t/y is valid from 2018 but in 2016 the mandatory certification limit is already above 10 t/y). “REACH” certification is a complex eco toxicological investigation measured according to GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and is highly challenging both technically and from cost point of view as well.
  3. “EPR” Extended Producer Responsibility certificate.

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