Biochar in Poland – science, technology, business 2016

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This conference is organized in the response to growing interest in biochar in Poland among academia, industry and public administration. The idea of the conference orginates from the outcome of the project conducted by the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials in Opole – E2BEBIS (Environmental and Economic BEnefits from BIochar ClusterS in the Central area).

The conference is addressed to academics, farmers, biochar producers, entrepreneurs and policy makers and will serve as a bridge between scientific world and emerging biochar industry in Poland.

Topic of the conference: biochar redescovered, legal and quality requirements of biochar, feedstock requirements for biochar production, technologies for biochar production, biochar from sewage sludge – processing, properties and potential applications, economic and environmental aspects of biochar production, biochar industry in Europe – the state of the art and future prospects, emerging biochar industry in Poland – future prospects, biochar-based products, innovative applications of biochar

Date: Monday, May 30, 2016 to Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Location: Warszawa, Poland For more information:

Edward Someus presentations:

  1. Edward Someus: EU and Member State legal, permit and quality requirements for biochar import, manufacturing, placing on the market and use above > 1 ton/year capacity
  2. Edward Someus:Different types of biochar products for agronomic application as soil improver and innovative fertilizer

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EIP-AGRI Nutrient Recycling Focus Group

Mr. Edward Someus/Terra Humana Ltd. has been selected for member of the EIP-AGRI Nutrient Recycling Focus Group.

Biochar in Poland – science, technology, business 2016

Date: Monday, May 30, 2016 to Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Location: Warszawa, Poland For more information:

ABC recovered P fertiliser will be oral presented by Edward Someus.

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Edward Someus (2 years ago)
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