Application and market introduction of new green industrial technology for production of solid state fermentation of high phosphorus content bonechar

Application and market introduction of new green industrial technology for production of solid state fermentation of high phosphorus content bonechar

Project number: HU09-0114-A2-2016

Project duration: 2016.05.01. - 2017.04.30.

Project Promoter: Terra Humana Clean Technology Develeopment, Engineering and Manufacturing Ltd. 
Project Partner: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for Natural Sciences

Amounts granted: 64.760.927,- HUF

Contact: Edward Someus, Terra Humana Ltd.,

Project Summary:

Phosphate is a critical raw material which having strategic importance in agriculture. As Europe has no significant phosphate mines, it is highly dependent on the import of phosphate. Hungary is totally depending on imported phosphate. EU declared phosphate rock as a critical raw material in 2014 as the low cadmium and uranium content phosphorus, which is used in agriculture, is expected to be run out, and will shortly result in a significant price increase. Critical raw materials combine a high economic importance to the EU with a high risk associated with their supply and their exploitation having significant impact on the environment. For these reasons, the recovery and recycling of critical phosphorus raw material is one of the main challenges for moving towards a truly implemented circular economy. Therefore, the substitutions of the mineral phosphate fertilizer nutrients by recovered products is one of the major objectives the European Union " circular economy" action plan (COM (2015 ) 614). The main objective of the one-year (between 2016-05-01 - 2017-04-30 period) time long project is application and market introduction of new green industrial recovery technology for production of solid state fermentation of high phosphorus content bonechar and recyled nitrogen. The developing solid state fermented Trichoderma fungi and high Phosphorus content bone char composition provides significant contribution to the protection of agricultural soil and water and mitigation of pollutions as well. An important element of this pre-competitive development project is the effective and practical application of the EC 2003/2003 Fertilizers Regulation revision and other law harmonization in Hungary; objective driven towards small, medium and family farms to address implementation of technical, economic, legal and marketable productions. The pre-competitive development project will be implemented by effective collaboration with the Terra Humana Ltd. as project managers and Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for Natural Sciences
 (MTA TTK)   in Environmental Chemistry Research Group (project partner).

Within the project, we will implement the following environmentally friendly biotechnological production test development objectives:

  • Analysis of input bonemeal and produced bonechar product. C, N , H, P analysis of bonemeal and bonechar (MTA TTK)
  • Determination physicochemical properties of the prototype product. (MTA TTK)
  • Liquid and solid-state fermentation and prototype development, implementation of experimental model for the microbial preparation of solid carriers in Kajaszo, Hungary. (TERRA HUMANA)
  • Liquid and solid fermentor engineering design, construction and installation. (TERRA HUMANA)
  • Liquid and solid fermentor electrical and electronic design, construction and installation. (TERRA HUMANA)
  • Demonstration and testing under actual operating environment conditions for further development. (TERRA HUMANA)
  • Determination and optimization of the pilot fluid and solid state fermentation parameters for the microbial composition. Small -scale optimization of liquid -phase ( 150 liters / batch)  and strength ( 250 kg / batch) fermentation system (TERRA HUMANA)
  • Production of experimental prototype of microbial preparations with high phosphorus-containing bonechar. Production of 5,000 kg of solid state based prototype microbial preparations in Kajászo, Hungary (TERRA HUMANA).
  • Development of a User's Manual for end users (TERRA HUMANA).


Further activities for the implementation of the project:

  • Creation and operation of Project Management organization (TERRA HUMANA)
  • Project communication: presentation of project results towards the end users and the wider public. (TERRA HUMANA)

Technology and product to be developed under the project:

  1. Trichoderma fungi product that is solid state adapted to high Phosphorus content bonechar, that is utilized in agricultural cultivation directly as nutrient and / or high organic content compost blend.
  2. Bone oil recycled Nitrogen for N+K bonechar product utilization.

The project is opening new technical, economic, environmental and legal opportunities; because these two products are safer, less costly and above all more effective than any known organic and low -input horticultural products.

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