Is pyrolysis material a new product?

No, pyrolysis material is not a new product. In modern age since 1870, the time of the technology revolution, many carbon processing technologies and many different types of carbon products developed, produced and applied in large industrial scale, especially related to the WWI., WWII. and past decades of activated carbon operations. The carbon processing technologies and carbon products are the most extensively scientific/technical researched and technological developed past 130 years. Majority of the carbon processing technologies and carbon products developed for energetic and activated carbon adsorbent applications. Some of them have been successful, others are not.

However, the knowledge based environmental norms and standards have been significantly upgraded past 20 years that have been impacting the performance and safety requirements of the carbon processing technologies and its products as well. Therefore, new generation safe and efficient pyrolysis technology and product system need to be developed in modern age.

Since 1980’s Edward Someus is specialized for pyrolysis and carbon processing technologies (“3R” zero emission pyrolysis) and different types of biochar products, while since 2002 primarily focused on a new generation ABC Animal Bone Char S&T and industrial engineering under the European Commission RTD programmes, that development has successfully reached large industrial scale-up capacity by the end of 2018.

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