What are the sustainability criteria of 3R system?

The "3R" Recycle-Reduce-Reuse Zero Emission Pyrolysis technology and Phosphorus recovery is a circular economical system, where all martial streams are added value recycled and reused, that is the “3R zero emission “ concept and converted to fully safe products, such as the formulated Bio-Phosphate products

The 3R is an industrial case to demonstrate the full implementation of the circular economy, where critical elements are equally important, such as

  1. Environmental and climate sustainability with zero emission processing and carbon negative  applications.
  2. The Bio-Phosphate is produced from a sustainable and renewable by-product streams.
  3. Product is safe to use with below detectable cadmium content.
  4. Targeting social and environmental impacts, improved food quality & safety for less cost.
  5. High efficient energy conversion process. Energy self-sufficient and auto-thermal process.
  6. Low-cost/low-energy supply chain.

All these aspects are on the same page already from the beginning. The 3R is utilization of unexploited biomass resources, high efficient conversion of organic by-products streams into an high added value recovered products, while providing strong job creation opportunities for the interests and benefits of SMEs. As the 3R system is highly flexible, it can be tailor made formulated country by country, region by region, that flexibility is highly important to meet the local technical, environmental, climate, economical and social conditions in the different areas of the world on global level. The 3R is a resource efficient, low carbon and improved industrial production of FOOD with better utilization of resources that is combined with improved WATER management.

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