What is the Bio-Phosphate?

Bio-Phosphate: this type of pyrolysis material is made of food grade animal bones and characterized by as high as 92% mineral carbon and 8% carbon content only. This is a full value recovered organic Phosphorus fertilizer with high calcium and content.

Bio-Phosphate is a recovered organic P-fertiliser, made from animal bone grist, having high nutrient density (30% P2O5) and pure P-content. The rendering industrial origin food grade category animal bone grist processed ABC Animal Bone bioChar is a nutrient dense (30% P2O5) organic fertilizer with as high as 92% pure calcium phosphate and 8% carbon content only. Therefore the Bio-Phosphate product functionality is recovered organic fertilizer, soil improver, growing medium and/or fertilising product blend, with usual doses between 100 kg/ha to 600 kg/ha.

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