What is the concept of 3R Zero Pyrolysis and Phosphorus Recovery processing?

The “3R” Recycle–Reduce-Reuse Zero Emission Pyrolysis and Phosphorus Recovery processing is a mimic of the Nature that emits no any waste products that pollutes the environment or disrupts the climate, in which process all and any materials and energy are recycled and reused into useful products.

The Nature cannot afford to waste materials and/or waste of energy, while it always finds the most efficient material and energy recycling, recovery and reuse conversion pattern during the ever ongoing bio-geo-chemical cycles. In order to mimic the Nature, the 3R bio-geo-chemical process - where it is possible, necessary and/or advantageous - coherently integrates the carbon, phosphorus and nitrogen related cycles, such as:

  1. Phosphorus recovery from animal by products, including NPK-C and micronutrient formulations.
  2. Carbon Recycling and Refining, thermal processing by carbonization for recycling of carbon for wide range of natural and carbon negative product applications.
  3. Carbon Bio-formulation, biotech formulation of carbon for efficient bio and plant availability of NPK nutrient uptake process support.
  4. Carbon Bio-energy, chemical processing of pyrolysis gases and refined oils for liquid fuel bio-energy production.

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