What is 3R Pyrolysis?


is Reductive Thermal Processing.

The 3R Recycle-Reuse-Reduce is a zero emission low temperature carbonization (pyrolysis) is a reductive thermal decomposition processing. The 3R slow pyrolysis process is based on a horizontally arranged indirectly heated rotary kiln designed for reductive thermal decomposition of plant biomass at 450 °C (842 °F) or animal origin biomasses at as high as 850 °C (1562 °F) material core temperature ranges in vacuum (absence of oxygen).

The system works with zero emission, comprehensive recycling and reuse of all process materials and gases. The target of the 3R Zero Emission

Pyrolysis Process

is the added value upgrading/valorisation of agro/food industrial organic by-products into safe and high value recovered Bio-Phosphate organic fertiliser products.

Pyrolysis of biomass substances produces solid residue rich in carbon content and separated volatile crude pyrolysis gas which may be condensed into liquid crude oil and non condensable gases. After catalytic conversion of crude pyrolysis liquid products, refiner bio-oil produced. The 3R pyrolysis is safer, better, faster, more economical and environmental friendly than any other solutions.

The 3R system is also integrated into the novel agro biotechnological – solid state fermentation and formulation, and syngas/bio-oil refinery processing units.

The 3R is an engineered full scale industrial design, that development has been completed by 2019.

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