What is pyrolysis material?

Pyrolysis material is plant and/or animal bone biomass origin stabile carbon carboniferous and legally labelled product with functionality of solid organic fertilizer and/or solid organo-mineral fertilizer and/or organic soil improver. Pyrolysis material is a chemically modified substance, which – depending on the highly variable feed materials - may have either variable composition and complex reaction products (REACH-UVCB) or well defined mono and multiconstituent character. All biochar/pyrolysis material products in the EU are characterized by:

  1. Mandatory EU and MS Government Authority permitted for import, manufacturing, placing on the market and application above 1 t/year capacity,
  2. REACH certified above 1 t/year capacity import, manufacturing, placing on the market and application,
  3. labeled and full value chain safe product,
  4. having Extended Producer Responsibly product guarantees,
  5. the input material made from is sustainable sourced, e.g. not competing with human food, animal feed and plant nutrition supply, not from primarily and secondarily land use and having environmentally sustainable logistics, while meets the EU Circular Economy incentive relevant sections.

In this context the safe biochar/pyrolysis product equally importantly meets all the four elemental criteria and it is:

  1. commonly used for specific purposes with functionality of natural solid organic fertilizer and/or solid organo-mineral fertilizer and/or organic soil improver; and
  2. there is an existing market and demand for safe biochar; and
  3. the use is lawful, fulfils the technical requirements for the specific purposes and meets all the exisitng legislation and standards applicable to biochar product; and d) the use will not lead to overall adverse environmental and/or human health impacts.

The high mineral content animal bone based Bio-Phosphate pyrolysis material is a recovered organic P/Ca fertilizer at 100-600 kg/ha dose rate and growing media in the horticultural sector. The high carbon content plant based /pyrolysis material is soil improver usually at approx. 5000-20000 kg/ha dose rate for water/nutrient retention and carbon sequestration applications, but providing no fertilizer effects with economical importance. For both type of pyrolysis material types there is a long list of additional beneficial effects. Legal notice: Biochar/pyrolysis material soil applications are irreversible; therefore commercial key players such as industrial producers, market distributors for placing product on the market and users having high legal, economical and social responsibilities with joint and several liability for their activities. In this context, beyond the mandatory EU/MS permits, operational and use licenses the preventive and precautionary principle (connected to international, EU and Member State legislations) and its instruments are to be fully implemented as well.

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