What is the STRUBIAS TWG?

STRUBIAS TWG is a technical working group for the development of possible process and product criteria for struvite, biochar and ash based products for use in fertilising products.

The Commission services have selected 31 members[1] and 2 observers for STRUBIAS expert group on recovery rules for fertilising products. Edward Someus/Terra Humana Ltd. has been selected as a Member of the STUBIAS expert group.


The STRUBIAS DG GROW-JRC expert group is a sub-class of the Commission Working Group on fertilisers. It will be operational until the completion of its work which is foreseen to be at the end of 2018. Based on the experts’ inputs, the Commission will prepare a report for a future amendment (Adaptation to Technical Progress) to the proposal for a revised Fertiliser Regulation (COM (2016) 157). This is currently under negotiations with the Council and the EU Parliament.

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