Who will be affected the revision of the EC 2003/2003 Fertilisers Regulation?

  1. The initiative will mainly affect those producers of innovative fertilisers produced from organic or secondary raw materials in line with the circular economy model, who will be able to reach a critical mass through radically facilitated access to the internal market. Such producers will benefit from the initiative in particular in those Member States which are not providing a sufficiently large home market for new types of fertilisers.
  2. Private and public recovery operators
  3. National authorities: decreased workload when national registration or authorisation systems for fertilisers are fully or partially replaced by EU-wide control mechanisms
  4. Farmers and other fertiliser users: increase in the product variety
  5. General public: will be better protected from contamination of soil, water and food. [1]

[1] Roadmap to the Revision of the Fertilisers Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003, http://ec.europa.eu/smart-regulation/roadmaps/docs/2012_grow_001_fertili...

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