Why do we need Bio-Phosphate

  • Phosphorus is strategic key element of the food crop and animal production in agriculture. NO P = NO Agriculture = NO Food.
  • The EU is >95% is importing the mineral phosphate, most MS 100%.
  • The phosphate is recognized by the EC as critical raw material with high supply risk in 2017.
  • Mineral phosphate containing Cadmium, Uranium and other toxic elements.
  • Growing food demand = growing phosphorus demand.
  • Finite phosphate: the low Cadmium and Uranium content mineral fertilizer resources already used up and in the future only contaminated resources are available.
  • Geopolitical risks: imported Phosphate is an critically important issue for the national security already now. All farmers need phosphorus, yet just 5 countries control 88% of the worlds remaining phosphate rock reserves.
  • An inefficient food system: large amount of P to waste streams, no recovery.
  • Cheap fertilizer: a thing of the past for farmers.
  • In the near future (2022) very drastic P price increase to come (In 2008 it was >700%).

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