3R Mission and Strategy

One of the main challenges of the 21'st century is the increased need for sustainability and competitiveness of  agricultural and food production, while safeguarding consumer health, decreasing environmental impacts in agriculture, horticulture and forestry and taking account of climate change. For land based biological resources, special emphasis to be placed on low-input and organic food crop production systems and improved management of resources, with prime concern of optimal recycling and reuse of agro/ food industry waste streams.

The 3R mission is to provide an advanced, economical and environmentally safe ZERO EMISSION PYROLYSIS PROCESS, PHOSPHORUS RECOVERY and RESOURCE CONSERVATION technology solution, - with  a unique new perspectives for valorised reuse and added value recycling of biomass waste streams into such products like bone char, biochar, recovered Phosphorous and Nitrogen natural fertilizers, highly demanded for green energy, agricultural and carbon negative environmental applications.

The new generation 3R pyrolysis technology solution is a high added value valorization of the biomass waste with wide feed flexibility providing a board range of end-products with the co-production of refined carbons (biochar) and recovered organic Phosphorus fertiliser (Animal Bone bioChar), bio-fuels and recycled liquid Nitrogen fertilizers, all with enhanced overall economy and competitiveness.

The 3R technology is dedicated to provide a cost efficient carbon refining and nutrient recovery solution which is environmentally sustainable for a long term producing added value products  for agriculture,  green energy and environmental product industries, while implementing the waste prevention, environmental protection, resource preservation and sustainable economical growth support concepts.

The 3R Zero Emission Carbon Refinery mission meets basic global challenges by providing efficient solution for biomass waste management:

  1. You can't have infinite economical growth on a finite resource planet, the generated waste materials are need to be efficiently recycled and reused.  3R MISSION: providing high level skills in carbon cycles, nutrient recovery, soil fertilization, bio-energy and sustainable environmental solutions.
  2. Biomass Waste is just a resource in the wrong place, and we need to use each resource for its highest purpose. Every output as an input, every waste as a resource.  3R MISSION: recovering more value from waste for less overall costs, when all and any costs are included.
  3. Waste streams are resources and not unusable materials, subjects to right and advanced recycling technology are applied. 3R MISSION: advanced zero emission industrial pyrolysis processing technology is developed and applied.
  4. Energy is the ability to do work, and without it nothing happens.  3R MISSION: we are not planning for an economy with less energy consumption, therefore green energy from waste and by-product resource streams are having an increased importance.
  5. Sustainable economical growth can only progress together with sustainable environmental and climate protection. 3R MISSION: sustainable economical and ecological biomass waste recycling and reuse.

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Edward Someus (5 months ago)
Edward Someus (5 months ago)
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